Course Provider Qualifications: 

Global PDH is looking for highly qualified professionals to join our select group of Instructors to write PDH courses in all areas of Engineering and Architecture.

Take the first step to becoming a course or webinar provider and earn your share of the royalties we pay every quarter.

 If you wish to join our Professional Team of Instructors, Global PDH requires you to have the following credentials:

  1. Hands-on experience related to the subject matter you wish to teach.
  2. That you are passionate about sharing your knowledge.
  3. Professional Engineering License; or
  4. MS or Ph.D. from an accredited four-year university. 

There's "no obligation" to get more information. Just call us at 800.460.4110, or complete the information form below and you'll hear from us soon.

Remember that most of our course providers are people just like you. Real Engineers with Real Experience in the field who want to share their experience with others. 

  • Earn Extra Income – You earn a royalty payment on every sale generated by your courses.
  • No Cost to You – Global PDH pays all costs for web development, marketing, and administration.
  • Help Your Colleagues – Realize the satisfaction that comes from helping other Engineers broaden their knowledge and attain their required PDH.
  • Earn PDH hours – Authoring a course counts for PDH hours with most professional bodies.
  • Reinforce Your Knowledge – Authoring a course reinforces your own knowledge of the subject matter.


  • Currently, we are offering self-study courses, but as Global PDH grows, we will begin offering seminars, conferences, and webinars, to offer multiple methods of learning.